The rules are composed to make sure Pandora is fun for everybody. It may be possible that the rules do not cover all situations. In this case it is up to the committee to decide exactly what will happen.

To have everyone at the same level when playing Pandora take a good look at the following files, they contain translations of locations on the campus, a map of the campus with areas marked which are completely forbidden or just free of fighting and a guide to Pandora itself.


The goal of Pandora is to collect as many points as possible, but above all to have fun.

It is forbidden to hinder other teams and to steal their weapons, puzzles or classified information.

It is forbidden to hack the Pandora website.

It is allowed to eavesdrop on other teams, conduct intelligence missions or pilfer their puzzle solutions.

Teams must keep puzzles to themselves.

Safety / hindrance

Obey the campus security at all times and do not act suspiciously. Wear your bracelet at all times, even when you are 'dead'.

Non-participants should not be hindered in any way. Be aware of this, especially during fights.

The Pandora playing field does not cover the whole campus. Some areas are forbidden at nighttime. Take a look at the files on the top of this page for a complete overview.

It is forbidden to cause noise disturbance.

It is forbidden to use motorized vehicles while playing Pandora.

The committee is not responsible for any damage, accidents, wet clothes or lost time.

It is forbidden to shoot or fight inside.

Do not circumvent fences at construction sites, they are placed for a reason. If a puzzle is located near a construction site, it will always be on the outside of the fences or in the vicinity of the construction site.

Do not litter.


Solving a puzzle gets you points, requesting a hint will cost you points.

All clues are marked with the Pandora logo and will be clearly recognizable as being part of Pandora.

All clues can be found within the playing field. Take a look at the files at the top of this page for a complete overview. The clues are all accessible during day- and nighttime.

Every puzzle contains a unique code. These codes need to be submitted to the website to indicate you found a puzzle. You get points as soon as you submit the code.

It is strictly forbidden to sabotage, change or take clues (unless explicitly stated).

Puzzles can be submitted until the next meeting. The closing drink also counts as a meeting.

Teams have a maximum of 6 members who are allowed to play and puzzle.


Killing a member of another team earns you points. You can only kill others with weapons given to you by the organization. Only people who are still alive and carry their kill codes are allowed to kill others.

You can only kill others when you are both within the playing field.

Every team member has its own unique kill code. It is forbidden to (temporarily) switch or hand over your personal kill code to your teammate.

It is forbidden by law to break into peoples houses so this is obviously also not allowed during Pandora. Opened doors or windows DO NOT invite attacks.

A kill code is valid for 1 day. The kill codes are all distributed at the start.


Team members who are alive can only carry one weapon at a time.

Team members who are alive have to have their bracelet easily visible on their arm (and showing the white color) at any moment when within the playing field.

Team members who are no longer in possession of their kill code should wear their bracelet with the red side facing outwards.

Team members who are no longer in possession of their kill code should not be carrying a weapon and cannot interfere in fights.

All team members should answer clearly when being asked whether they still have their kill codes.


It is forbidden to use weapons in other ways than the conventional one. For example, it is forbidden to throw a blowpipe or a pool noodle.

Parrying is not allowed.

Camouflaging or making aesthetic changes to a weapon is allowed as long as it does not alter the functionality or power of the weapon. Bonus weapons form an exception to the previous rule and may not be altered at all. Also the bonus weapons need to be handed in to the committee before the end of the week in the state in which they were delivered.

Only the provided blowpipe darts may be used. It is not allowed to make or bring your own darts.

Combat is allowed at all times.

It is forbidden to switch weapons during a fight.

It is forbidden to physically or mentally hurt people.


Timely attendance during the meetings is mandatory. If a team member cannot be present, the committee should be notified as soon as possible and the team member is not allowed to be anywhere on the playing field during the meeting. When notification occurs within the last 2 hours before the meeting or a notification is not received at all, the committee can impose penalties to the corresponding team.

Team members are obligated to bring their student card to every meeting.


The committee is always right.

We need to be able to contact your team at any time, therefore the phone number of your team needs to be available at all times during Pandora (best effort).

The committee is allowed to make a change or deviate from the rules at all times and without announcement.

The committee is allowed to hand out bonus points or penalties to teams or change the scoring in retrospect at all times and without announcement.

When the rules do not cover a situation, first try to come up with a solution yourselves. If this fails the committee decides.

Of course it is encouraged to bribe the committee. More than welcome would be (craft) beer, Starbucks and/or your best live performance to the committee. It is common to receive rewards for your bribes!